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VSRN’s greatest asset is our resource network of skilled, willing, compassionate and caring eye care providers, comprised of optometrists with expert prosthetic contact lens fitting abilities, and ophthalmologists/surgeons willing to treat other doctors’ casualties. New technologies now allow doctors to better, more accurately assess problematic visual issues, making rehab options within reach of many more patients around the world.

Because VRSN helps to facilitate these rehab options around the globe, we are constantly searching for practitioners who are willing and able to treat our patients. This means showing empathy, validating their concerns, helping them to understand what has happened and why they are seeing the way they are seeing, and determining the best course of treatment for each.

Ophthalmologists/surgeons must have state-of-the-art equipment with which to evaluate patients, a strong relationship with an expert contact lens fitter with extensive experience in fitting difficult corneas, and a thick skin, as many patients are still very angry as a result of poor care and being abandoned by their surgeons.

Optometrists must be skilled lens fitters, and have extensive experience in fitting difficult corneas with a variety of lens types and materials, particularly RGP and scleral lenses.

VSRN will assess each patient for referral to the most appropriate resource. Patients will be required to sign a release before referral to any resource doctor. Our mission is simply to facilitate rehab options for patients in need.

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