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The Vision Surgery Rehab Network is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating rehab and providing support to patients with Lasik complications, as well as problems after other refractive surgery.
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For patients with Lasik complications, RK, Epi-Lasik, Lasek and/or PRK complications and problems, Vision Surgery Rehab Network provides resources and support to help you get your vision and your life back on track.
Blurry vision, GASH (glare and ghosting, arcing and aberrations, starbursting, halos and haze), overcorrection, undercorrection, binocularity issues, loss of contrast, corneal erosions, dry eyes: These are all common and often debilitating "side effects" of refractive surgery.
Many patients' visual issues may be resolved with expertly designed and fitted RGPs (rigid gas permeable) prosthetic contact lenses. VSRN's resource network includes eye care providers throughout the US and in selected other countries around the globe.